Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bedtime rants

About 30 minutes after Landon was put to bed i walk past his door. He hasnt stopped talking since he was tucked in. I stop and listen. "And thankyou Jesus for my cousins, and Aunt Tracy, And Uncle Kenny! Annnnnd  hmm Thankyou for Peter Parker. AMEN!" I wish I would have been able to hear the whole thing, but just that made me smile. No prompting. No Repeating. Just him and God.. and me listening at the door. I sat by his room for 30 more minutes. He sang happy birthday to Tommy and Cullen. He counted. He played fighter guys and made shooting and fighting sound effects. He declared a winner. He said, "King of beasts.. king of beasts.. momma said thats a cat." Which I never said. And a bunch of stuff inbetween. He was so cute. He talked until he fell asleep. I love his heart. I love his imagination.


jennyfry06 said...

Seriously, we do have the same child! Sammie always talks herself to sleep. Anyway, Landen is so sweet...I love when they just pray like that.

jbauers said...

Ooooooh! I soooo love his sweet precious heart too!!!