Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Half Way

So I am officially Half way done baking Brycen. 20.5 weeks. Need to factor in that extra 8 days my boys seem to linger inside scared to meet me. So Im here. So far this pregnancy has been harder than the other 2. I mean Im sure it is a piece of cake compares to some peoples but with 2 boys constantly asking for juice or a snack, needing diapers changed or help building spidermans fort, between work and chores, I am one. tired. momma. This little guy inside me is growing and growing. Im not excited for this summer heat or bathing suit season. I will embrace this bump though and wear it proudly. I have a little bit of an edge. I am ready to see what this second half holds. Hoping it flies by and I can hold my new little one in no time. Maybe even on time.. yeah who am I kidding. Heres to 20 and a half more weeks!

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Natalee said...

Love that growing belly and love you. So glad you updated your blog. Now do it again. I need like 3 posts or more a week. And also, I miss you SO SO SO much.