Sunday, December 11, 2011

tis the season

Its been almost a month since Ive blogged. Ive thought about it. But that thought was quickly fleeting as my life has been non stop crazy busy. Between working, cleaning, wif-ing (its a verb), mothering, birthday parties, shopping lists, and blah blah blah I havent had much time to breath let alone blog. I sit now, everyone in bed but Landon who is playing fighter guys in the bath tub. I think about this past month. Im excited for Christmas. At how excited Landon is for Christmas. Weve decorated the tree accompanied by hot chocolate and marshmellows. We sing Christmas Carols. Weve driven and looked at lights. Landon and I passed out presents to te residents at my work. Were enjoying the season. We went to a winter wonderland festival and got to see Santa and go sledding. Life is fun, full and still getting crazier as the days pass and life continues. So keeping with my Sunday tradition,, which I know Ive been slacking on, Landon's quote of the week.
Santa asked Landon what he wanted for Christmas, after much consideration he says, "Ironman Powers." Obsessed much? I guess he has the best powers?? He later asked Matt if we could go to the store and buy them.

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Natalee said...

If Landon gets that for Christmas maybe he will share with me.

I love you guys. And miss your blogging. Keep it up Momma.